Computer Science Department - Virtual Web Server

This server hosts the following web sites; please use these addresses in bookmarks.
Computer Science Web Site, maintained by
CryptoForma maintained by Dr. E.A.Boiten - - originated April 2009
Coordinated Views in Exploratory Visualization, maintained by Dr. P.J.Rogers
Disciplinary Commons Site, maintained by Sally Fincher - originated March 2007
Development Site for the Computer Science web site , maintained by cs-webmaster
ECAL 2005 Conference, hosted at the university of Kent maintained by Dr. M.Capcarrere
Erlang Programming , maintained by Prof. S.J.Thompson - originated April 2009
Euler Diagrams , maintained by Dr. P.J.Rogers - originated November 2006
Eurographics UK Chapter, maintained by Dr.J.C.Roberts
GC Handbook, maintained by Prof R.E.Jones - originated Fenruary 2011
Haskellcraft, maintained by Prof S.J.Thompson - originated Aug 2010
Kent IT Clinic, maintained by Prof. S.J.Thompson
Large scale ad hoc networks (LAHN), maintained by Gareth Owen - originated July 2008
Multi-modal Visualisation conference 2005, maintained by Dr.J.C.Roberts
National Open Development Environment maintained by Phil Camp - originated ...
RefineNet taken over by Eerke Boiten in Dec 2008 ...
Sharing Practice maintained by Sally Fincher - originated Dec 2008
Memory Management Network, maintained by R.E.Jones
UKKDD 2007 conference web site maintained by A.A.Freitas - originated November 2006
World occam and Transputer User Group, maintained by Prof. P.H.Welch
webmail maintained by computer science department - originated 2006
UoK Computer Society wiki site maintained by Tim Bishop - originated 2006

Computer Science Department Webmaster